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All the customers. All the data. All in one.


Know more about your customers.

Because knowing more means selling more.

Thanks to our CRM, plentymarkets' central customer management module, you have an easy time handling all of your customer data, such as order and payment histories and important enquiries. Clearly organised and in one place, while providing all the clustering possibilities you need.

A big advantage is the messenger that helps you answer enquiries in a structured way. So you are always up to date and know what your customers buy, which items are in great demand and which are not. This gives you the chance to adjust your marketplace offers accordingly.The result: you can always supply exactly what the market demands. Good for your customers. Good for you.


Customer data under control, business under control.

Our CRM helps you gather and edit all of your customers' data – no matter whether this data is generated via POS, online shop, telephone, email or other connected channels.

  • Overview of all customer data, being able to quickly find and centrally edit data records
  • Creation of customer-specific data as well as self-defined properties, customer types and customer classes
  • Maximum flexibility: individually adjust your system to your workflow by using custom events and processes


Premium customer service made easy.

Process your entire customer communication in plentymarkets. plentymarkets automatically sends order, incoming payment and shipping confirmations to your customers via email and converts customer enquiries into clearly structured messages.

  • Create email templates via drag-and-drop in an easy and intuitive way to simplify your standard processes
  • Automatic email dispatch and messenger


Bring your products to the market. Promote customer loyalty.

Promotion is part of the trade. Especially when it comes to the communication with your customers. plentymarkets helps you promote your products better and more efficiently. Also, managing your campaigns with our CRM is trouble-free.

  • Lead management and central campaign management
  • Effective use of coupon campaigns on all sales channels
  • Integrated newsletter tool and connection to leading newsletter tool providers
  • Special functions for B2B and B2C sales


Your advantages with CRM

at a glance.

Direct assignment of enquiries to the customer data record
Access to order history and communication timeline when processing enquiries
Replies to enquiries with the plentymarkets email service and with the help of text blocks
Assignment of enquiries to employees or a group of employees
Storage of the entire communication in one central place
Central customer management, easy customer communication and effective campaign management with the plentymarkets CRM.
Central import and management of customer data from all sales channels
Access to customer statistics
B2B lead management via the messenger
Clustering of your customer base in types and customer classes
Discounts according to different customer classes
Structured user interface for processing enquiries
Customisable data fields for each customer class and client

Learn more about CRM. And other modules.

User Guide

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