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Rocket speed for your shipments


Aim for the stars.

With our fulfilment solutions.

You want to get started with your online business nationally and internationally? Your business is growing, you are selling more and more products and want to make your shipping process better and faster?

Use plentymarkets and tailor your shipping processes to all of your and your customers’ needs. With continuously high performance and availability. A large number of connected fulfilment partners and shipping service providers make great service and high flexibility possible.

Centrally manage and organise your shipping process in one place and retain full control at all times. All processes are reliable and traceable, the communication with partners and customers is smooth and transparent.

  • This means: your shipments are processed reliably and fast
  • This means: your customers are happy to get great service.
  • This means: you are right on target


Boost your business. With high-speed shipments.

For the e-commerce world, a fast dispatch of orders is the most important service criterion. The reason is clear: the faster your customers receive their orders, the more satisfied they are. And the faster you earn your money.

Our fulfilment solutions therefore serve only one purpose – organising your shipping process, so that it runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

No matter where, what or how much – plentymarkets is your turbo drive for the last mile.

plentymarkets allows us to tailor our shipping process exactly to our needs. What's even better is that we can manage everything in a super simple way.”

Lena Schaumann

Möbel Schaumann


Send the way you want. And the way your customers want.

Offer your customers every possibility, even when it comes to shipping. By making your fulfilment processes more flexible than ever.

With tailored shipping profiles and the integration of the most important shipping service providers, you can offer your customers a variety of ideal shipping options with suitable products and convenient services.

Not only your customers benefit from this. So do you. Because the better you can plan your shipments, the better you can plan any costs involved.


"Ready for take-off!" Managing your shipments is just that simple.

"Houston, we don’t have a problem!" With plentymarkets, you can handle your shipments from any location you want and always have an overview of all processes. You can manage everything easily and in one place from anywhere you want, whether you're on your desktop or mobile device. Print your shipping labels at home, manage your fulfilment partners while sitting in a coffee shop – there are no limits to what you can do.


Our shipping solutions

at a glance.

Flexible shipping

From your own warehouse or the warehouse of your fulfilment service provider

Drop shipping with elastic export
Fully automated processing and registration of orders

Direct integration of the most important service providers, support of additional providers via polling files.


shipping & fulfillment service providers

Swift creation of shipping labels, return labels and import of package numbers
Automatic transfer of orders to fulfilment service providers

Including stock synchronisation and package number receipt after order processing.

Modern service provider integrations
Software-aided order picking thanks to integrated pick & pack solution
Integration of important national and international shipping service providers
Shipping processes tailored to your needs with continuously high performance and availability. Numerous integrated fulfilment partners and shipping service providers.
Cost reduction by offering ideal shipping options
Picking processes with optimal picking routes and digital packing table

plentymarkets replicates your individual warehouse setup and creates pick lists and packing lists with optimal routes. Shipping documents are printed automatically at the right time. This saves time and avoids packing errors.

Fast customer communication from shipping confirmation to tracking information
Splitting items within the same order
Real-time import of package numbers
Connection to fulfilment service providers

Handling of all outbound processes directly in plentymarkets.

Parallel shipping with multiple external fulfilment partners
Automatic registration of the return order with the shipping service provider incl. return label creation
Possibility of complete and partial deliveries
Supports multiple shipping warehouses

Learn more about Fulfillment. And other modules.

User Guide

Get started with plentymarkets now

Test plentymarkets for 30 days for free and discover all the features you need to be successful in e-commerce.

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