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The cloud-based e-commerce platform for your success

Maximise your revenue. Not your effort. plentymarkets is a leading e-commerce ERP that enables brands, manufacturers and retailers to process and automate all sales transactions on over 50 marketplaces worldwide, in online shops and in bricks-and-mortar retail.

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105 million
Orders in 2022
> 55.000
9,25 billion
GMV in 2022
> 70
Sales channels

E-Commerce Platform

Scale your business.

Everything you need for successful e-commerce.


Cloud-native, scalable & flexible

As a leading e-commerce platform, plentymarkets combines performance, flexibility and the highest security standards. Thanks to REST API and plugin capability, you can expand plentymarkets as you wish and integrate it into your existing IT infrastructure. Build your system with maximum efficiency and start growing from day one. plentymarkets grows with you.



Versatile functions for your growth

Wherever your customers are - with plentymarkets you are already there! Online marketplace, onlineshop or POS: with us, you become a pioneer in the omni-channel sector and we ensure that you stay ahead. In doing so, plentymarkets connects and automates all processes - from item management to shipping and invoicing. Focus on what is really important - your business!



Solutions for brands & retailers

The use of plentymarkets covers a wide range of use cases in various industries and business models. Whether fashion & shoes, home & garden, consumer electronics, toys, beauty or sports & leisure - whether as an all-in-one solution or middleware - whether D2C, B2B, B2C or completely different. With plentymarkets, you can run successful e-commerce.

Use Cases
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The world of retail is changing rapidly. Be where the customer is.

Don't build your business on just one pillar. Not on just one distribution channel, not on just one marketplace, not on just one country. Position yourself broadly and keep control of your brand and your sales. Take the next step. We’re right there with you.


Euro turnover through e-commerce (B2C) in Germany.1

+ 190 %

potential increase in sales when expanding the distribution network to multiple channels.2

> 71 %

of European online shoppers already buy beyond the borders of their home country.3


Great companies
rely on plentymarkets.

Leading E-Commerce Platform

Your advantages with plentymarkets

Benefit. From expertise & innovation.

More than 260 employees work continuously on the development of our platform. plentymarkets enables you to capture your share of a global market. Our job: We navigate you safely and prudently into the future.

Develop. With maximum flexibility.

Thanks to the modular structure of plentymarkets, the expandability of the system through to individual expansion, there are almost no limits to your ambitions. You can imagine it? Then we can achieve it together.

Build on security. Right from the start.

With plentymarkets, you rely on security for your data, processes and your business. And you can rely on the fact that secure remains secure in future.

Grow. With us as your partner.

plentymarkets is more than just a platform. As a partner, we help you with your projects and also have a huge ecosystem of partner companies at our disposal. So you can find the right expert for every project.


Take off with plentymarkets

Test plentymarkets

Register now without obligation and discover all the features you need for successful e-commerce. The test system is free of charge and available to you for 30 days. Without automatic, chargeable extension.

With plentymarkets you

  • Simply sell more faster
  • Control your entire business from one interface
  • Grow flexibly and with security
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Not sure if plentymarkets is right for you? Ask your questions or tell us about your challenges and goals. We'll share our knowledge and find the best solution for you together.  

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In our product tour, we show you what possibilities you have with plentymarkets and which functions are important for your e-commerce business. You will get a first introduction to our system and how to set up plentymarkets. This will be followed by a Q&A session.

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Test plentymarkets for 30 days for free and discover all the features you need to be successful in e-commerce.

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