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plentymarkets was launched in 2001. Back then, the focus was on a comprehensive eBay interface including order processing and an integrated online shop for eBay PowerSellers. The shop software rapidly developed into a distinct shop system and then into a complete solution for all important e-commerce processes.

Are you part of an e-commerce agency or do you offer a plugin that extends the functionality of our system and benefits plentySellers? Then become a plentymarkets partner and help our sellers stay successful.

  • more than €7.25 billion GMV in 2020
  • more than 50,000 people use plentymarkets every day
  • more than 300 partners already work with plentymarkets
  • more than 500 plugins have already been developed for plentymarkets


We love our partners.
That’s why we do more.

The plentymarkets promise

At plentymarkets, we know that we owe a big part of our success to you, our certified partners. We’ll do whatever it takes to continue our shared success story. Because we want it to last!

Flexible & customisable system
Wide audience

More than 50,000 daily plentymarkets users are waiting for your offer.

> 300

A strong community
Extend the system with plugins

Personal, flexible, without limits – you can easily customise the plentymarkets front end and back with plugins.

Your visibility in the plentyUniverse

plentyMarketplace, project portal, plentyWebsite, webinars, events and more.

Support with customer pitches
Training and workshops
Appealing marketing services

Whether it’s blog posts, social media, webinars, newsletters, banners or something else entirely – we provide you with a platform for your services.

Organisation of partner events
We care about long-term business relationships
Evergrowing customer base
Joint trade fairs & events
Easy to integrate thanks to our REST API

The plentymarkets REST API extends the functionality of plentymarkets and provides access to resources via distinct URL paths.

Numerous support channels

Technical support, partner category in the plentyForum, extensive documentation, video tutorials and much more.

plentymarkets as an all-round e-commerce system
plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress

Without our partners, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we couldn’t grow the way we envision for the future."

Carsten Brassel

Head of Business Development, plentysystems AG


When supply and demand are a perfect match.

On plentyMarketplace, users can search for new ways to further customise and improve their systems or online shops. Here you’ll find a steadily growing, highly involved customer base, to whom you can successfully market and sell new plugins and add-ons.

However, plentyMarketplace is more than just a showcase for all services and add-ons.

It is also a well-managed project portal that gives you, as a partner, convenient access to additional projects commissioned by customers: system setup, consulting, data exchange, shop design, SEO optimisation and much more.

Thanks to plugins, plentymarkets has really come to life. They have allowed us to activate numerous features that make our shop even more attractive to end customers."

Nicolas Willimek


What kind of partnership are you looking for?


plentymarkets provides interfaces to countless systems – developed both in-house and by our partners.

A technology partnership is the right choice for anyone whose services can be integrated directly into plentymarkets or into the plentymarkets modules.

If you develop substantial improvements and interfaces for these areas, then we’re looking forward to working with you for years to come.


As a solution partner, you will focus on developing comprehensive strategies for the e-commerce sector.

You will create new and successful e-commerce concepts and cooperate with other partners to implement them.

Specialising in systems such as Microsoft Business Central or SAP and their connection to plentymarkets, your focus will be on consulting and selling suitable solutions to key account customers.


As a plugin partner, you’ll develop plugins for us or sell your own plugins on plentyMarketplace.

Or as an online shop partner, you’ll improve the design and functionality of plentyShop, for example by creating new themes and templates.

Or you can support our customers with your experience as a consulting partner, helping them set up and customise all important plentymarkets applications.


Get your certification. For even more reach.

Every certified partner is required to pass a basic examination. This assures our customers that they're in good hands, no matter which plentymarkets partner they hire. For you, this means that you can be proud of being part of a team full of experts. There are even more ways to show your expertise. Thus, it pays to prove your know-how.

If you’d like to specialise further, plentymarkets has you covered. There are trainings and certificates for virtually every area of e-commerce with plentymarkets and for all modules of the system.

You can earn additional credits by successfully handling projects from customers or the project portal and earning positive reviews for your work.

That's what our partners say


For those eager to know more.


This is where plentymarkets users meet. We have special categories in our support forum, where we provide technical support to partners and plugin developers.



With plentyDevTool, you optimise your processes for developing plugins. The tool allows you to synchronise data from your local system with your plentymarkets system.



We regularly attend important e-commerce trade fairs and events to get in touch with you and discuss the hottest e-commerce topics. We look forward to meeting you!



plentyKnowledge is your comprehensive resource for all questions about plentymarkets. With step-by-step instructions. No questions remain open here.



Our blog provides you with news about plentymarkets, announces updates for developers, and offers tips and tricks for online sellers and everybody who’s passionate about e-commerce.


Video tutorials

plentymarkets made easy – short videos, quick results! Our video tutorials show you how to set up and use plentymarkets efficiently.


Developer documentation

Your deep dive behind the scenes. Detailed information for developers about our plugins, the interface, plentyShop as well as our REST API. Plus guides for implementation.



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