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Order Management System (OMS)

The mission? Keeping your orders in order.


Your customers place an order. Then the OMS takes over.

From incoming orders to processing returns: the Order Management System of plentymarkets provides a flexible and scalable order processing to ensure smooth and legally compliant processes for all your sales channels.

Because the OMS can do all this and more:

  • It allows for a centralised and automated processing of your sales from all channels
  • You can adapt it to your personal needs
  • All important data are sent to financial accounting with just a few clicks
  • It is 100% GoBD compliant

And you? You don’t have to worry about everything running smoothly.
Because everything is.


Marketplaces, online shop, local stores and reorder management. Combined in one system.

Whether marketplaces, online shop, POS, telephone or more: with plentymarkets, you can manage significantly more sales channels and have an overview of all of your sales on one platform – from order creation to return. Thanks to a modern REST interface, you can also transfer and process orders from third-party systems.

  • Entry, creation and distribution of orders
  • Offer management
  • Creation of warranty and repair orders
  • Automated order creation thanks to subscriptions


Payments, cash flow and taxes. Managed centrally from one place.

With the plentymarkets Order Management System, you always have an eye on your payment status and reduce costs and stress when your tax declaration is due.

  • Fast and secure payment transactions incl. dunning management
  • Complete and track credit notes and refunds directly in the order
  • Calculate the correct taxes for each order based on the current tax regulations
  • Cross-border sales due to individual tax configurations
  • Creation of tax-relevant documents plus simple export of tax data for established accounting solutions

For us, not a single day goes by without plentymarkets. We get a lot of orders every day that have to be processed. Thanks to the automations, order processing is a piece of cake. And when we grow, plenty grows with us.”

Christoph Vollmer und Daniel Krämer



Efficient automation. For more efficient business.

Now you can use your valuable time for what really matters: your business. 

Because efficient automation and logical processes reduce your manual tasks to a minimum. At the same time you benefit from maximum flexibility – the system adapts to your individual workflow.

  • Automated order management based on individual specifications
  • Automated order processing via event procedures and individual workflows
  • Automated information to end customers


Legal compliance starts. With good record keeping.

With plentymarkets, you build security into your processes from the very beginning. And you can rely on the fact that secure remains secure in future.

  • The entire ERP system is IDW PS 880 certified
  • Data and stock movements are traceable for up to ten years
  • Backup of tax-relevant documents
  • No booking without receipt possible
  • Order documents such as invoices cannot be changed after creation

We simplify the handling of your order management and at the same time also make it more secure by following unambiguous legal regulations. In this case, secure means the application is safe to use as well as legally compliant.”

Aye Stephen

Area Product Manager OMS & Automation, plentysystems AG


All OMS features

at a glance.

Central order processing of all sales channels
Separate order processing for each client
Let the system do the work for you with automated processes, for example:
  • Dunning processes
  • Email dispatch
  • Order import
100% GoBD compliant

No surprises during tax audits

International address validation with AddressDoctor
Representable processes

Orders, credit notes, returns, warranties, offers, advance orders, delivery orders, repairs, multi-orders, multi credit notes and many more

With plentymarkets, order processing runs like clockwork. Because a large part of order processing consists of routine tasks which plentymarkets can handle automatically.

Maximum flexibility

The system adapts to your individual workflow

Connect to third-party systems with modern interfaces
Cross border sales

due to individual tax configurations

Interface to financial accounting

The most important information as export file for your accounting software such as Datev, Xero, Collmex with just a few clicks


Invoices, credit notes, reversals

Always have an eye on your payment status

Learn more about OMS. And other modules.

User Guide

Get started with plentymarkets now

Test plentymarkets for 30 days for free and discover all the features you need to be successful in e-commerce.

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