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Business Intelligence with plentyBI

Better decisions with business intelligence.


"The future is not ours to see"? It is – if you know the numbers.

Even if you usually rely on your gut – when making decisions for your business, facts matter. And how do you get all the facts you need? With plentyBI, the plentymarkets business intelligence module.

plentyBI provides you with valuable and detailed insights, from costs to customers. This data is represented in the form of simple key figures and well-arranged dashboards.

This allows you to make targeted and strategic decisions at any time. In addition, plentyBI empowers you with the perfect tools to adjust and optimise your business processes.


Focus on data. Make the best decisions without fail.

Too many businesses overspend because they don’t know how much money to put into strategic decisions and whether past investments have been effective. With plentyBI, you analyse your performance across sales channels, regions and segments. This way, you can set targets and steer your business on the basis of facts.

  • Higher efficiency and profitability based on data-oriented decisions
  • Transparency and insight: rule-based colouring of key figures indicates where targets have been met and where more work is needed
  • Save time and costs – no longer necessary to tediously consolidate different tables


All of your data. Perfectly prepared.

The more data exists, the more important it is to prepare it in clear structures. plentyBI is the optimal companion for this. The user-friendly tool provides you with a multitude of filter criteria, key figures and dimensions. In addition, you can create numerous dashboards for specific users of your plentymarkets system.

  • Analyse data from all sales channels. You can import data from plentymarkets databases as well as from external sources
  • Whether tile, pie chart, bar chart or graph – there are many different ways to display data on your dashboard
  • A multitude of key figures including different dimensions and filter possibilities


No business is like the other. But plentyBI can handle them all.

plentyBI provides you with full flexibility for analysing your data and selecting the criteria for preparing them. It’s not rocket science, but the exact opposite – plentyBI is intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Individual criteria for calculating key figures
  • User rights management for key figures and dashboards
  • Automated registration and analysis of data – no need for changes after the initial setup

Learn more about plentyBI. And other modules.

User Guide

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