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Your future

at plentysystems


Got big plans?
Great. So do we.

plentymarkets started in 2001. It all began when we became project developers for big eBay PowerSellers, implementing online shops and intelligent interfaces to all relevant online marketplaces at the time.

The shop software quickly became a comprehensive shop system and then a full-blown e-commerce ERP system, combining stock management, a shop system and omni-channel. Thanks to extensive functionality and many integrations, plentymarkets now automates the complete workflow of both e-commerce and offline business.

Today, we are a key player on the market.

Join us and help us make e-commerce history!

> 105 million

The number of orders processed with plentysystems in 2022.

> 55,000

People using plentysystems. With new users all the time.

9.25 billion

The Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) that plentySellers achieved in 2022.


A perfect fit.

We are convinced that complex solutions for complex businesses are best developed in a team.

That is why we are looking for team players who work well with others.

The plentyCrew consists of more than 300 people. And we don't just talk about team spirit – we live it every day.

We like friendly, spontaneous and agile people who are passionate professionals in their chosen field.

We like people who are happy to share their ideas with others.


Kassel? Living room? Hammock? It’s up to you.

OK, so the hammock mainly serves to catch your attention. Personally, we think desks are the way to go. But it really is up to you. Work how and where you want.

plentysystems offers you all the flexibility you need to choose when and where you want to work.

Work from our head office in Kassel. With your whole team.

Or from home. Or grab your laptop and head out to a café.

We believe that work should adapt to your needs. Not the other way around.


Expertise comes

from experts.

Like you.

You are probably reading this because you are looking for a job in a forward-looking industry. So you likely won’t be surprised to hear that we are looking for people with a basic interest in e-commerce as well as a proficient understanding of state-of-the-art software development.

We use the latest programming languages and cutting-edge cloud technology.

Our tightly-knit teams rely on close co-operation. This not only enhances technical quality but also means close customer contact and tight feedback loops.

Our guiding principle is simplicity, which allows us to find creative solutions while at the same time providing us with a standard to which we hold all our products.

Does that make your heart sing? Awesome. Then come and join us.

Contact us

Human Resources Management

0561 98681 130


Your benefits

Work-life balance

Enjoy flexible working hours and vacation times. Because we believe that a good work-life balance is essential for top performance and a pleasant work environment.

Professional development

Take time to keep up with new trends and technologies: you can spend 10% of your working time on professional development. In addition, we also offer regular workshops:

  • German and English classes
  • Udemy & Cloud Guru courses
  • Training budget per person
Not without my crew

We don't just talk about team spirit – we live it every day.

  • Regular team events
  • Legendary plentyParties
  • Project weeks & team days in the office
plenty of benefits

We offer a number of extras to make your life easier:

  • Company pension scheme
  • Monthly Edenred credit
  • Childcare allowance
  • 10 Children's sick days without deductions
  • Anniversary bonus


passionate employees

State-of-the-art head office

Our head office in the heart of Kassel provides everything you need to work and play.

  • Attractive open-plan offices
  • Ergonomic office equipment
  • Latest hardware and technology
  • Roof terrace with great views of the city
plenty of mobility
  • Bike leasing
  • Discounted Deutschlandticket as a job ticket
  • Free parking
We remote together

Digital first: that is how we think, work and decide. That includes the freedom to work from anywhere.

Your voice counts

You play an important role in shaping our success story. Decisions are not made from the top down. Instead, we want everyone to contribute.

The plentyCrew in numbers


trainees in 2023


software developers

> 100

cities, where the plentyCrew is living

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