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Stock Management

Always have an eye on all stock movements. In real time.


You cannot afford any mistakes in your warehouses. Well, why should you.

It’s always good if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Especially when managing your stock and the complex back-and-forth between your warehouses and your local stores and online shops. After all, you don’t want to be out of stock, nor do you want to overstock items in your warehouse.

With plentymarkets, your stock management couldn’t be organised any better.

  • At any time, you have a clear and up-to-date overview of all the key figures of your sales channels
  • Manage your stock synchronisation, user rights and item maintenance and evaluation for all channels and shops in one place
  • Precisely booking in and mapping stock or reordering items


Who, what, where, why, where to, when?plentymarkets knows the answers.

With plentymarkets, you stay on top of all your item movements. From current stock to incoming and outgoing items.

  • Bye bye overselling! The automated cross-channel stock synchronisation ensures that you always work with consistent and up-to-date stocks
  • Stock reservations avoid that items that have already been sold are sold again
  • Mobile recording of item movements


Never be out of stock again. But run a flourishing business at all times.

Accurately carry out orders in no time and directly book incoming items. For managing your own reorders, plentymarkets offers everything you need.

  • Whether you're booking in and mapping stock or reordering items, plentymarkets runs as precise as a Swiss clockwork
  • Simple standard orders and complex orders with manufacturers
  • Processing partial deliveries or over-deliveries from your suppliers

By now, we have about 3,000 m² of storage area at two different locations and thanks to the processes for incoming items, order picking, packaging etc., we have managed to greatly simplify our daily work routine.”

Stefanie Kapp



Capable of more. With even more capacity.

Centrally manage all your warehouses in plentymarkets and set up individual racks and shelves for each warehouse.

  • Smooth operation of different warehouse types – for example, one warehouse for outgoing items, another one for returns etc.
  • Book your items into selected storage locations and save precious time thanks to pick lists optimised for each warehouse
  • Process orders via multiple shipping warehouses


Want to connect? Not a problem with our REST API.

You’re already working with a warehouse management software (WMS) or have another stock management tool in use and would like to keep using it? plentymarkets has the right equipment for this, too, as you can use our standardised interface to connect your external management software.



All our stock management features

at a glance.

Central stock and price synchronisation to the sales channels
BBD, batches and serial numbers
Warehouse and storage location management
Automated reorder management
Several suppliers and creditors
Mobile recording of item movements

Stock movements in real time. All sales channels connected and synchronised. Centrally managed stock synchronisation, central user rights management and item maintenance. For all local stores and POS systems.

Multi-warehouse capability
Managing your own suppliers, purchase prices, supplier item numbers per item
Parts lists
Stock synchronisation via import or REST API
Supports virtual warehouses of external providers
Reserved stocks prevent overselling
Possibility to connect local devices, such as printers or scanners

Learn more about stock management. And other modules.

User Guide

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