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09. Februar 2023 von 14 - 16 Uhr

Produktneuheiten &

plentymarkets Keynote

Product news &

e-commerce trends.


Zentraler Entscheidungspunkt
rund um die plentymarkets Produktentwicklung.

Seit jeher ist die Keynote von Jan Griesel der Auftakt des plentymarkets Online-Händler-Kongresses (OHK) und eins DER Highlights des Events. Traditionell werden aktuelle Trends im E-Commerce beleuchtet und spannende Insights zu neuen und künftigen plentymarkets-Features, Entwicklungen und Strategien gegeben. In der neuen plentymarkets Eventwelt wird die Keynote zukünftig als einzelnes Event herausgelöst und ist der zentrale Knotenpunkt rund um die plentymarkets Produktentwicklung.

Am 09.02.2023 haben wir, erstmal live aus dem BETTER NOW Studio in Kassel, inspirierende Vorträge, Produktvorführungen und Deep Dives präsentiert. Wir haben Einsicht in die Vision der plentymarkets Produktentwicklung sowie einen umfassenden Überblick über Neuentwicklungen gegeben.

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Central decision point

around the plentymarkets product development.

Jan Griesel's keynote has always been the opening event of the plentymarkets Online Retailer Congress (OHK) and one of the highlights of the event. Traditionally, current trends in e-commerce are highlighted and exciting insights into new and future plentymarkets features, developments and strategies are given. In the new plentymarkets event world, the keynote will be separated out as a single event in the future and will be the central hub around plentymarkets product development.

On 09.02.2023, for the first time live from the BETTER NOW Studio in Kassel, we presented inspiring talks, product demonstrations and deep dives. We provided insight into the vision of plentymarkets product development as well as a comprehensive overview of new developments.

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High Level & Deep Dive 

plentyFeatures are presented on different levels. The focus is on the interaction of product modules, areas and partners to solve the constantly growing challenges in e-commerce.

Organisation & Products 

Who is behind product development at plentymarkets? How do we position ourselves so that you can grow steadily? What vision and strategies are we pursuing to achieve this? What innovations can you expect?

Interactive & entertaining 

The content will be interactive & high quality. Be an active part of our streaming event, share experiences, participate in feature polls or ask your questions live in the Q&A.

Digital & for 0€ 

The Keynote & Deep Dives will be streamed live from Kassel and are available digitally only. Whether you are in an armchair, office chair or somewhere else entirely - you can participate comfortably and regardless of location. Simply register and take part.


Challenges & Solutions

Within 60 minutes, we will present the common thread and the vision of the plentymarkets product development. You will get a good overview of new and further developments and what implications this has for your business.

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Deep Dives

Solutions &


Would you like to learn more about new features, their use and benefits? In the subsequent Deep Dives, product managers from the individual areas will present details of the solutions and will be available to answer questions.

You can expect deep dives on the following areas:

  • Item UI
  • Order UI 
  • Messenger
  • plentyShop PWA
  • plentyWarehouse

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