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About the company

We are the plentysystems AG. And together, we can achieve more.


From software startup to global player. And those were just the first 20 years.

The plentysystems AG was founded in 2001 by Jan Griesel, who is still CEO of the plentysystems AG today.

Originally, the company’s main focus was on developing software solutions for big eBay PowerSellers, allowing them to professionalise their online business.

Usability and automated processes were central goals from the get-go.

Today, the software platform plentymarkets covers all aspects of online and offline business and offers customers a broad spectrum of solutions that allow them to seamlessly integrate their local stores and online business and to open up new sales channels and marketplaces quickly and at a low cost.

Thanks to great connectivity, plentymarkets can easily be combined with existing systems. Certified security and the highest possible availability are the basic premise of the completely cloud-based platform.

plentymarkets allows you to seize your share of a global market. Our job is to safely and prudently navigate you into the future.”

Jan Griesel

Founder & CEO of plentysystems AG

plentysystems AG

Data and facts

> 105 Million

The number of orders processed with plentymarkets in 2022

> 260

passionate employees

Remote first company

> 55.000

people use plentymarkets. With new users all the time.
Online Seller Congress

> 300

partner companies

> 9.25 Billion

GMV in 2022

> 150

sales channels

Industry-leading multi-channel platform


Driving innovation. Not chasing after the latest trends.

plentymarkets is an in-house development with flexibility built into its very core. Continuous development ensures that the plentymarkets solutions continue to carry this high level of flexibility into the future. 

Our customers can rely on plentymarkets to not just provide state-of-the-art technology, but to go the extra mile to stay ahead of the curve. More than 200 employees organised in nearly 20 teams constantly update and optimise the system and its modules.



We make e-commerce better. And sometimes the world, too.

We consider ourselves part of a community whose open-mindedness and possibilities benefit us every day, both professionally and in our everyday lives. So it is only natural that we want to give back and contribute. 

This is why we regularly support selected social and cultural projects, mainly in and around our founding city of Kassel. 

We say: Thank you! And: See you soon.
Kulturzelt Kassel

The music festival Kulturzelt Kassel pitches its tent every summer to offer a diverse programme ranging from local German language music to multifaceted world music as well as from poetic soul sounds to rich electronic beats. It is an integral part of Kassel’s cultural landscape.
DKMS donor drive

We support the German organisation DKMS in their search for an HLA donor for little Nomi. We were able to register more than 40 new donors. We hope that this campaign will give new hope to many others.
Families in Colombia 

The Covid crisis has pushed many Colombian families into extreme poverty, hunger and thirst. That is why we donated to the Hermanos Palchucán group. It distributes boxes with basic food items in South Colombia and Bogotá to those in need.
Festival Vorderer Westen

For this summer street festival, many shops and restaurants on Kassel’s Friedrich-Ebert-Straße open their doors until late into the night. Street music and regional delicacies entice you to take a stroll and savour the beauty of this Western part of Kassel’s downtown.
Tuspo Waldau 

The Turn- und Sportverein 1889 e. V. Kassel-Waldau (Tuspo) is a regional sports club focusing on football, handball, table tennis and gymnastics. The plentysystems AG sponsors their men’s football team.
MT Melsungen 

Having the German handball league right here in North Hesse is a huge plus for the region! So we are all the more delighted with our partnership with the national division handball team MT Melsungen and our sponsorship of the left fielder Yves Kunkel.
Street Festival Schillerviertel

Kassel’s Schiller quarter is a diverse neighbourhood characterised by a mix of homes, shops, services, cultural and educational facilities. The yearly "Schillerviertelfest" uses art and culture to build bridges, bring together people from different backgrounds and inspire dialogue.
Ronald McDonald House 

As part of the #OHK2020, we teamed up with Amazon SEO specialist Christian Otto Kelm to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House. The foundation offers families of critically ill children a home away from home.

We teamed up with the forest management company Hessenforst to plant 1,000 trees in our region. At the planting site "Ziegenkopf" in Kassel, we personally broke the ground for the first one-year-old cherry trees to be planted for future generations.

plentysystems AG


Management Board
Jan Griesel 

Founder & CEO
Bernhard Weiß


Supervisory Board
Frank Janetzky 

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Bernhard Brunsch 

Supervisory Board
Martin Olchawa 

Supervisory Board