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The point-of-sale system for the perfect connection between local store and e-commerce


The e-commerce till

for online and offline business.

Two worlds. One system. Our app-based point-of-sale system plentyPOS provides the perfect connection between your local store and your online business.

No matter whether you just started your own retail business or have already established yourself with multiple stores: our point-of-sale software will convince you with its numerous functions and intuitive handling.

  • Central database and overview: standardise your sales, data and insights in one software tool. Because everything is organised centrally, controlled centrally and fits together perfectly.
  • Scalable system with low entry costs
  • Independence thanks to unlimited omni-channel possibilities
  • Be on the safe side: free updates ensure that your system is and stays up to date in terms of legal compliance.


From Here & Nowto Click & Collect.

Let your customers decide how they prefer to shop.

Whether directly at the local store, via Click & Collect or online with subsequent delivery – sell as flexibly as never before with plentymarkets.

  • Thanks to a variety of add-ons, your till can also be used offline – for example on trade fairs and road shows
  • Customers can return or exchange purchases at your local store, regardless of the original sales channel.

We're extremely happy to use an ERP system that has its own till. Especially since plentyPOS is so easy to use.”

Sebastian Neu


Start local. Go global.

We've already known this for a long time, but Covid made it even clearer: it’s not a good idea to exclusively depend on a single sales channel. Extend your reach and sell around the clock. plentymarkets is a system that grows effortlessly with your ambitions.

  • Online marketplace, online shop or the counter at your local store – sell wherever your customers are. Managed and controlled in one place: your plentymarkets system.
  • Add new sales channels quickly, effortlessly and without risk at any time


Legally compliant? Of course!

Point-of-sale systems have to comply with a multitude of legal requirements.

With plentyPOS, you are always on the safe side. From receipt management to cash journals and data exports. Officially certified. Our free updates make sure that everything stays legally secure.

  • Certified GoBD export (IDEA)
  • Compliant with RKSV regulations
  • Compliant with KassenSichV regulations
  • Certified according to IDW PS 880

plentyPOS makes it easy to integrate local stores and e-commerce. This gives you the possibility to manage your reports, orders, product information and stock data in one place. This way, all sales channels are perfectly connected. You'll never have to bother with complicated case-by-case solutions.”

Torsten Dachs

Area Product Manager , plentysystems AG


Your advantages with plentyPOS

at a glance.

Combine payment methods

Your customers can make partial payments using different payment methods for the same order.

Pause checkout process if needed
Free add-on for a customisable customer display
Offline functionality

No internet connection? Just keep selling! If you lose your internet connection, transaction data is automatically saved on the device and synchronised as soon as the connection is re-established. It's even possible to use plentyPOS for longer periods of time without an internet connection with the help of plentyBase.

Extensive coupon options
  • Promotional coupons and gift cards
  • Percentage discounts and fixed discounts
Flexible issuing of receipts

Do you prefer to issue printed receipts or display them as a QR code on the customer display? The choice is yours.

Central users and rights management for all your locations and stores

Define user roles and provide them with distinct rights. Quickly switch between users via PIN.

Certified app-based point-of-sale system compatible with a multitude of devices and accessories. Integrated directly into plentymarkets.

Management of favourites per user and per till
Low entry costs

€39* per month and plentyPOS license (*excluding VAT and general costs for your plentymarkets system).

Automation options for editing and processing orders
Easy creation of miscellaneous items

You can use so-called "dummy items" to process bargain sales via plentyPOS. This means there's no need to create a separate item for each of these products.

Increased customer retention

Scanning options for selecting existing and regular customers. Differentiated assignment of prices based on customer classes.

Numerous payment methods
  • Integration of common card terminal providers via ZVT interface
  • Card payments via SumUp possible
  • Invoice and cash payments
Straightforward return management

Partial or complete returns, with or without assignment to the original order

Flexible and extensible

Integrating external hardware is quick and easy.

Central management of items and stock

Manage items and stock across locations, sales channels and warehouses.

Click & Collect

No matter if an order is placed in your online shop or on a marketplace – it can be paid for at the till.


Hardware that is simply made for you.

It fits!
Hardware requirements

You can flexibly extend plentyPOS by using a variety of hardware. Click here to learn more about the requirements.

Learn more
Hardware examples

To make your choice easier, take a look at our examples for certified and tested hardware extensions for plentyPOS.

View examples
Hardware partners

Our partners help you with choosing and setting up suitable devices and can also offer complete packages.

Contact Partners

Learn more about plentyPOS. And other modules.

User Guide

Get started with plentymarkets now

Test plentymarkets for 30 days for free and discover all the features you need to be successful in e-commerce.

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